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Your Trusted Web Development Company in INDIA

Get the best-in-class website that scales with your brand. Our custom B2B web development services help improve your online presence by more than 50%, creating a compelling user experience.

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Stay Competitive with Agile Web Development Services in INDIA

We offer comprehensive website development services that are specifically designed to solve your specific business problems. Our web solutions are built to understand your user, remove compatibility issues, provide broader accessibility and grow your business faster.

Every brand has unique requirements. We help businesses create interactive and user-friendly websites that connect with prospective customers. As a custom web development company in USA, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver tailor-made, cross-platform solutions for businesses across different industry verticals.

We offer CMS web development services specific to unique business requirements. Leveraging the market trends and insights, and implementing those in our CMS development strategies gives your brand a competitive edge. We are a versatile CMS web design and development company, with experienced WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal developers.

Our expertise in developing independent eCommerce storefronts to large marketplaces puts us in the list of USA's top web development companies. From discovery to delivery phase, you work with our team of analysts, solution architects, and eCommerce web developers experienced in BigCommerce, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento.

We partner up with you in maintaining web applications either developed by us or by third-party vendors. Whether it’s fixing bugs or adding new functionality, our experienced engineers can handle it all with aplomb. We also document and provide support for all your future needs.

Industries We Serve

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks, Unified Infotech delivers results-oriented web solutions that empower businesses across various industry verticals to reach their objectives.


We use digital solutions to connect new audiences, alumni and external stakeholders, and amplify the success stories of higher education.

Banks & Insurance

Traditional systems are breaking down and are no longer seen as sustainable. New technologies, ecosystem and partnership changes are opening up radical possibilities for transformation. It’s time to take advantage of Unified Infotech’s digitization power and challenge the status quo.

Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

With years of industry experience in the healthcare sector, we are prepared to solve your biggest problems and stay ahead of trends in your industry. Our developers & designers are dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

IT & Software

Whether you want to rebrand your website, build a web portal, or create a custom web application, we can help you solve the biggest business problems and grow your business on a large scale with our full-service IT consulting.

Professional Services

We can help you turn your digital brochure into an interactive resource. We can help you convert anonymous website visitors to qualified business contacts. As your development partner, choose us to build a website that builds trust, fosters networking, and opens up opportunities for your business.


We are one of the top eCommerce website developers in the industry. We provide custom eCommerce site solutions to our clients with best-in-class technical consulting and development plans tailored to their specific needs. We unlock the power of ecommerce platforms to deliver you rich, unique, and dependable eCommerce sites and applications.

Travel & Hospitality

A website can be a powerful tool to promote the travel & hospitality sector and inspire confidence. We create award-winning, high-quality, customer-facing websites to drive conversions.

Social Media & Gaming

Get the most out of our web development service. From game studios to independent game developers and players, from guilds to clans and more, we’re the go-to professional web design company for your gaming needs. If you are looking for a web development company to build a social media platform from scratch, we can help.


Our extensive experience in real estate website design and a proven track record of creating modern, pixel-perfect websites to give you a polished image and boost your online presence.


Our work stands out


Web Development for a Top E-commerce Brand in India Stegit developed a user-friendly and efficient online shopping platform for ShopEase. This platform has made it simpler for customers to browse, select, and purchase products, leading to a surge in sales and positive feedback.

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Digital Transformation for a Leading Indian E-learning Platform Teaming up with EduPulse, we updated their older system to a newer, easy-to-use eLearning platform. The updated platform saw a rise in user activity and an increase in subscriptions shortly after its introduction.

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Software Creation for a Growing Indian Tech Startup Starting from a basic concept, and growing into a thriving tech startup, we've been TechVenture’s reliable technology consultant throughout its journey.

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MLM Mastery

Software Development for a Prominent MLM Business in India We collaborated with MLM Mastery to design a robust and straightforward MLM software solution. This software helps their distributors manage networks, track earnings, and grow their business more efficiently.

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Empowering Businesses through Strategic Consulting With Us

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How We Approach Website Development

Every project is unique. We therefore work towards providing you with customized results. As a leading USA-based web development company, we follow a precise approach to maximize ROI. Known for our transparent and results-driven work approach, we have showcased our capabilities of delivering high-value projects. Trust us for the finest end-to-end web development service.

  1. Technical Discovery

    We kickstart the process by clearly defining the business goals and objectives. Our team engages in a couple of steps. It includes - evaluating the context, analyzing the target market, understanding the competitive landscape and customers’ design and branding preferences.

  2. Planning

    Our developers define the project plan during this phase. They also establish the project’s branding guidelines, create a content strategy, and help clients devise a user acquisition strategy.

  3. Development

    Developers specializing in offering e-learning development services start working on the app immediately after the finalization of the e-learning app design. They research to select the best web development tech stack that enhances the app's usability and functionality. All essential features are coded and integrated within the app.

  4. IA, Web Design, and Copywriting

    We work on corporate branding and design the user interface per the approved wireframes, making it customer-centric. We emphasize on mobile, tablet, and web-specific UX while designing the product. A vital part of our web development process involves getting all the UI designs approved by the client.

  5. Development

    Our front-end web developers match the wonderfully created designs. The backend team builds an intuitive and easily manageable section. We cater to the requirement for API integration and build an optimized code structure. The development team establishes a 2-3 week time period for sprints, each involving client reviewing.

  6. QA & Launch

    We evaluate every sprint manually. The team reports bugs, adding them to the product backlog. At this project development phase, we focus on quality release and send the final demo of the sprint to the client for approval. We conduct regression testing to ensure the proper functioning of the previously approved sprints.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you for my web development project?

We apply our extensive domain knowledge, ranging from healthcare to EdTech, to deliver custom web development solutions that help clients improve their brand visibility, connect with prospects, and increase sales.

Do you offer end-to-end web development services?

From wireframing and development to support and maintenance, we offer end-to-end web design and development services that help you create a unique brand identity and deliver personalized experiences.

What will be the team composition for my project?

The web design & development team will include a project manager, UI and UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, and QA specialists. Our team will deliver a well-designed website that meets client expectations.

Do you use React for frontend development?

Yes, our front-end developers use React to create attractive user interfaces. Our tech stack also includes Angular, Vue.js, CSS, and HTML5.

Will you use Python in my web development project?

Yes, Python is our top choice owing to its simplicity and effectiveness. Apart from Python, we also use PHP, Node.Js, and Java for backend development.

What’s your expertise in database migration?

MySQL. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Firebase Realtime Database are some of our preferred database management systems to store large volumes of data and conduct the migration process efficiently.

How will I benefit from your ecommerce web development service?

The secret to succeeding as an eCommerce business is having a strong brand presence and compelling visitors to convert. Work with our top web developers to get a visually-stunning and conversion-focused online store. Ace the eCommerce game with our assistance. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, we help you grow in the digital space.

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Lead Developer, DelhiTech Innovations

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Chief Technical Officer, Capital Creations

“ Stegit Solutions not only understands the essence of true partnership but also ensures that their software solutions are of the highest standards. Our user experience has never been better.”

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Development Head, Delhi Digital Dynamics

“The dedication and expertise that Stegit Solutions brought to our project were commendable. Their contribution played a key role in enhancing our customer engagements.”